DIY VCH Barbell for Hood Piercing. 96 Combination to Choose!

DIY VCH Barbell for Hood Piercing. 96 Combination to Choose!

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DIY VCH Plain Barbell for Hood Piercing. The first thing you need to know the length for your hood piercing barbell. If you have your piercing for short period of time so it means it is healed Vertical Hood Piercing so you need the 10 mm or 3/8" length. If you have it for few years or maybe your Piercer did not put enough skin in the piercing or your piercing is migrated so you need 8 mm or 5/16" length. If your piercing is older than few years or badly migrated or maybe your Piercer did not do a good job then so you need the 6 mm or 1/4" length. Now when it comes to the ball sizes, it is up to your own preference. The sizes are available for 14 gauge, from smallest 3 mm diameter to Largest 10 mm diameter. So if you still have the piercing one which is normally 5 mm top ball and 6 mm bottom ball. Remember you body gets immune to the pleasure and after some time you will not the same pleasure you got for the first few times so now you can change the ball size and you should be able to get the same pleasure. If you just want to keep the piercing and do not like the weight then you can go to the smallest ball sizes like 3 mm or 4 mm on top and 5 mm on the bottom and it will be just there. If you want to get the barbell for your initial piercing then you need to get the 12 mm length and get the ball less than 8 mm diameter because you do not want to put the heavy weight ball for the initial piercing. Remember you will get the barbell you pick in the sterile pouch and we sterilize it before same day shipping, so you or your piercing will be glad to use it for the piercing. It will be 100% Germs Free.



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