Abby, My Story:

In the mid 80's, After I graduate in computer science after my degree in Mechanical Engineering, I found a job but first week I found out that I can not smoke so I walked out and the next 22 plus years I did body piercing more than 250000 thousand people. I loved the body piercing and guess what I don't even have my ear pierced. LOL. I had a great time with piercing.

I had a very successful business and had fun driving the 2 Lamborghinis, Lotus and Eclipse Convertible, living on the beautiful waterfront house on the lake in the Eden Isle, Slidell, LA.

Life was Great but Hurricane Katrina hit my house direct on the lake. I only lost the couple of cars like Porsche, Lotus and Eclipse. You can see the Lotus in the Garage and You know I only drove that car 10 times but I had to leave because I had to save my dogs so I left the lotus.

I built the house again from the scratch.

Below is the 24 feet movie theater.

I married in 2008 when everything was great but about 10 years later My wife made me broke and kick my out with my daughter. Word of advice never marry to someone you meet online. I learn the hardway.  She Kicked me and my daughter right after I retired and close the shop. I still had my ebay store for body jewelry. So one day watching Tennis final, I was thinking to make the Tennis Necklace because I saw the Lariat Design Necklace and I liked the design, That was my first necklace I made.

So I listed at ebay and it was a hit, so I started making all kinds of jewelry. Now I have 4 Stores on Ebay. Then one day I saw the Shopify ad on You Tube, So welcome to my store here and hope you love my beautiful stuff. Enjoy looking at the jewelry. I love to do custom work and do have over 250000 charms in stock so if you don't see what are you looking for, please just message me at


OR Text@ 504-780-ABBY(2229)

This is the first genital barbell I made and since then I designed hundreds of them and so many people buying it and I am so proud of my jewelry I make because it shows my 22 years of piercing experience.

Now I am single parent living with my beautiful daughter and she also helps me making the jewelry sometime. That is so nice of her. I love my Daughter. So I am doing all this for her so She can have a Lamborghini on her 16th Birthday.

I take pride what I make and it comes with satisfaction guarantee so you can feel 100% confident buying from us. I also do the custom work so if you need anything to be made please feel free to contact me. I thank you in advance. Abby


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