Web Security

SSL Certificate

XTC Jewelry uses 256-bit SSL certificate to establish a secure encrypted connection between your device and the server you are connected. We use 256-bit protect your sensitive data. Every page and it's contents, your charge card information and all transactions are protected by the same level of seurity and services used by the top class banks and other financial institutes.

McAfee Secure

Our website is 100% secure with McAfee Internet Security and it runs on the back ground 24/7/365. We try our best to make sure that our customers info plus the charge card infos are protected by the best. You should feel safe just by looking at the logo of McAfee on the right hand side on the bottom of the page. 

PCI Compliance

XTC Jewelry is certified level 1 PCI DSS Compliant. This certificate signifies their compliance with standard for security policies, technologies and on going process that protect their payment system from breaches and theft of card holder date.

Secure Infrastructure

 XTC Jewelry is host by the Shopify, Inc. Shopify is backed by the leading ecommerce platform enables them to almost 100% uptime and 24/7/365 days monitoring, Shopify has a large network of servers around the world. Shopify offers a secure, robust and performant ecommerce experience. Shopify is the best in ecommerce business.


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