DIY Sterilized 14g JACOB's LADDER Piercing Kit.
DIY Sterilized 14g JACOB's LADDER Piercing Kit.
DIY Sterilized 14g JACOB's LADDER Piercing Kit.

DIY Sterilized 14g JACOB's LADDER Piercing Kit.

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*The Kit comes with metal forceps slotted one .

DIY Sterilized JACOB's LADDER Piercing Kit.

I did the piercing in the last 20 plus years. You can see my licenses in the above picture, I was one of the first few Piercing License Holder in Louisiana.

The kit has all these items: You can do Three Frenum Piercings which make it Jacob's Ladder. You can add 2 or 4 more in the future to make more effective.

Sterilized Pair of Gloves. Sterilized Towel Drapes.  (3) Sterilized 12g Triple Bevel Piercing Needle. (3) Sterilized 14g, 9/16" Long Barbell, Sterilized 4x4 Gauge Pads, Sterilized Cotton Swabs, Sterilized Skin Sharp Marker, Sterilized 6" Ruler, Sterilized Alcohol Wipes, Sterilized Comfy Forceps.

You will get the Piercing Guide which has the info of the tools, How to set up sterile field for piercing with illustrated instructions and How to do the piercing with step by step illustrated instructions. You will also get the proven aftercare instructions.

You will get also step by step illustrated instructions how to do the nose piercing freehand. Plus you will get proven aftercare instruction so you can heal fast.

I handcraft most of these unique body jewelry. All body jewelry is Surgical Stainless Steel. The charms are silver alloy like antique silver. I also sterilize before shipping so you will get the body jewelry 100% germs free.

By buying this kit you assure that you are over 18 years of age and take full responsibility of your own action and will not hold me responsible for anything. If you like the piercing done then go to the professional and get it done.

I ship mostly same day via USPS Priority Mail Large Envelope, which is very discreet. Mostly you should have it in less than a week. For some reason if you don't have it in a week please just message me and I will be glad to reship you asap.

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